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The Best elevator company

JFTA Elevator Company stands as one of the premier elevator manufacturers in Delhi, specializing in unparalleled lift maintenance and being recognized as a top lift manufacturer in India. Our array of services encompasses Elevator Service & Repair, Elevator Installation, and Elevator Modernization.

Founded in 2019 by Shri Jatin Singh Bisht, JFTA ELEVATOR AND ESCALATOR PVT. LTD came into existence after his dedicated service of over 35 years in the elevators and escalators industry. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing companies in this sector, boasting an in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities for services like lift maintenance and lift manufacturing. Our corporate headquarters is located in Noida, with additional branches strategically positioned across various locations to ensure accessibility for our esteemed clientele. Our team consists of a blend of seasoned professionals and technocrats, solidifying our position as the best elevator company in India.


Good Reasons to Choose JFTA Elevator

We are a world-class engineering manufacturer and a distinguished player in the best lift companies in India category. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch products, services, and solutions to our valued customers.


On-Time Delivery Assurance
At JFTA Elevator, our foremost priority is to ensure a seamless experience for our customers, avoiding any issues and ensuring timely deliveries.


Smart Technology
JFTA Elevator consistently embraces Smart Technology, setting us apart as one of the finest lift companies in India. Our reliance on advanced monitoring, real-time maintenance decisions, and constant status updates reinforces our reputation.


Professional Team
We stand as the premier choice for repair, maintenance, and lift manufacturing in India. Our team excels in promptly addressing customer queries and resolving issues. With a dedicated professional team and a specialized department, we guarantee efficient solutions.

Our Advantages


JFTA Elevator is the best lift company in India. We utilize intelligent technologies that enhance the efficiency of elevator operations. These technologies also provide efficient management solutions for vertical transportation in urban buildings. That's why JFTA Elevator is recognized as one of the best elevator manufacturers in India.


We understand the importance of energy-saving. Therefore, JFTA is taking an initiative towards four-quadrant frequency conversion-driven technology, aiming to achieve a two-way flow of energy through the IGBT power module. This is the reason why we are considered a prominent lift company in Delhi.


Being the best elevator company in Delhi, control is of paramount importance to us to prevent any untoward incidents. Our team is well aware of this, and we excel in maintaining elevator efficiency.

A devoted partner supports you every step of way

JFTA Elevator, recognized as one of the best lift manufacturers in Delhi and India, takes immense pride in our profound comprehension of both equipment and client requirements. This ensures the smooth operation of your existing equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Were you aware that a well-maintained elevator or escalator can function for decades? At JFTA Elevator, we stand ready to assist you throughout the lifecycle of the finest elevator company in India.


Ensuring Tenant Satisfaction

Our preventive lift maintenance services guarantee optimal equipment performance. We cater to a vast portfolio that includes over a million escalators, doors, and elevator services from JFTA Elevator and other manufacturers. Our approach begins with comprehending your lift maintenance conditions, allowing us to provide the most suitable maintenance solutions tailored to your specific needs and equipment—regardless of brand or type. This is why we are renowned as the No.1 lift company in Delhi.


Future Planning

As a JFTA Elevator service client, you can easily monitor your equipment's condition and its upcoming maintenance needs. Our services encompass thorough equipment assessments and planning support, designed to eliminate surprises in performance and budgeting. When the time comes, a meticulously planned modernization ensures your equipment's ongoing reliable operation while adhering to the latest safety and elevator installation norms. This modernization also complements your structure's design.


Elevate Your Equipment's Performance

Even the most robust equipment faces the effects of time. You can enhance your lift manufacturer's equipment with our modernization packages, boosting safety, reliability, availability, and aesthetics, while reducing energy costs. Alternatively, you can experience a complete rejuvenation with our comprehensive refurbishment solutions, enjoying the benefits of a brand-new elevator or escalator in the shortest timeframe possible. As the top elevator company in India, we take pride in these offerings.

What We Do?

JFTA Elevator stands out as a premier elevator company in Delhi and a leading elevator manufacturer in India. Our excellence in lift maintenance services, coupled with a renowned reputation as the nation's best elevator manufacturers, defines our commitment. Swift responses to Elevator Installation and Elevator Service inquiries underscore our dedication. Our wide array of elevator choices includes Manual Elevators, Elevator Stairs, Auto Door Elevators, and passenger lifts. Additionally, we're esteemed as the finest goods lift manufacturers in Delhi, showcasing our expertise. Choose JFTA Elevator for unparalleled quality and service.


However well you maintain your elevator, after years of reliable service and countless trips it will eventually need modernizing. Well-planned modernization ensures it will continue to operate reliably and energy-efficiently, and that it complies with the latest safety standards and complements your building’s design. Have any Issue related with elevator or escalator so go with the best elevator company in India that is JFTA Elevator.

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JFTA Elevator and Escalator Pvt. Ltd.'s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is a significant recognition of the company's dedication to maintaining exceptional standards in its elevator and escalator services. ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard that sets out the criteria for a quality management system, focusing on meeting customer requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction, and continuously improving processes.

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